Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Glori-jam Hat Society


Last night began a new episode in this hat's popularity.  By special request a new group has formed called the Glori-Jam Hat Society.  I would like to welcome anyone interested in joining the group to do so.  

We are all about sharing our love for this hat and all our own versions of it.  Lots of friendship and good will in this group!

The picture above was the very first Glori-Jam Hat made.  I made a hat for a friend that was similar.  However it just didn't flow when making it and was difficult to understand and when finished was not what I wanted to say with my yarn and hook.  At the same time my great friend James Lee Kelley had written a beanie pattern that just flowed off the hook.  So I took his beanie cut the size down and added a great trim and brim.

Since then I have seen so many beautiful versions of this hat with the maker's personality added to it.  It has, in my friend Kathy Y's words "taken on a life of it's own".  So we will give this hat a group of it's own and see how it flies 

I did try to leave a link but I am unable to do so on my tablet. Just search for us on Facebook! 

Peace and happiness to all my crochet friends and future friends! 

Gloria C., Mad Hat Mama